Key Ingredient Recipe Reader™

About the Recipe Reader™

The Recipe Reader is a product of Key Ingredient Corporation. It was designed to work synergistically with all the products and services of Key Ingredient Corporation to revolutionize the way you cook.

The Recipe Reader is powered by Key Ingredient at, the best site on the internet for you to find, create, share and collect your recipes. Membership is free and getting started is easy. Once you have set up your Key Ingredient account, you can add your own recipes or browse the enormous collection of recipes added by other users. When you've completed your collection and downloaded the software from the site, just connect your Recipe Reader to your computer, hit the "Sync" button, and all your recipes transfer to your Recipe Reader. Simple!

Visit Key Ingredient to learn more about joining our unique community of cooks, creating your own personal cookbooks and other ways to make any cook’s job easier and more fun.