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Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Basics

What is the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader? 

Is it safe to have an electrical device like the Recipe Reader in the kitchen? 

What does kitchen-safe mean?

How do I clean my Recipe Reader?

How do I turn my Recipe Reader on and off?

How do I charge my Recipe Reader?

How long does my Recipe Reader's battery last when fully charged? 

How many recipes can the Recipe Reader hold?

Personalizing Your Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

How do I get recipes on my Recipe Reader?

Can I scan my own recipes directly into my Recipe Reader?

Do my recipes have to be saved on KeyIngredient.com?

Will all of recipes on KeyIngredient.com appear on my Recipe Reader?

Are my recipes kept private? 

Can I import recipes from other recipe software? 

Can I post recipes from the internet? 

Can I edit recipes on my Recipe Reader?

Can I add pictures to the recipes on my Recipe Reader?

Can I use my Recipe Reader as a digital picture frame?

Can I add nutritional information to my recipes?

Can I delete unwanted recipes from my Recipe Reader?

Can I delete the preloaded recipes from my Recipe Reader?

Where can I locate the sync software on my computer?


When will the Recipe Reader be available?

What is the Recipe Reader return policy?

Is the Recipe Reader covered by a warranty?

Is an Extended Warranty available?

Will the warranty still apply if I purchase my Recipe Reader from a third party?

Will Key Ingredient repair my Recipe Reader if it's not under warranty?