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Can I add nutritional information to my recipes?

The nutritional information on our website is supplied by KeyIngredient.com members. Unfortunately, our website does not have the technology to analyze and provide this info automatically. 

To assist in analyzing the nutritional content of published recipes, our website has a great tool called the Cookmark button. This feature allows you to browse the web and add recipes to your account with a click of the button. If another website has provided the nutritional content of a recipe, then this info will be transferred into your Key Ingredient account. 

To try out and download the Cookmark button, please follow this link: http://www.keyingredient.com/post/.

The best place to add the nutritional information to recipes is in the Description or Directions section. 

To edit recipes, first sign into your KeyIngredient.com account and go to the "Collect" Tab.  The "Collecttab is the best place to manage your recipes and cookbooks. Next, open the recipe you wish to modify and press "Edit" in the description tab. After you have added your nutritional information, please be sure to "Save" your work. 

To reflect the changes on your Recipe Reader, please connect your Recipe Reader to your computer with the gray USB cord, launch your sync software and press the silver sync button.