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Can I add pictures to the recipes on my Recipe Reader?

The Recipe Reader is powered by the KeyIngredient.com website, pictures that are added to your Key Ingredient account will be added to your Recipe Reader after the next sync.

To add a picture to your recipe, first "Sign In" to your account at: https://auth.keyingredient.com/signin/ then press the "Collect" tab. The "Collect" tab is the best place to manage your recipes and cookbooks.

You can upload an image for an existing recipe by clicking on the recipe to open it, then pressing the "Edit" button on the left side of the screen. In the "Description" tab, under the recipe title, press the "Select File" button and select an image to upload.

On KeyIngredient.com, recipe images must be 1 MB or smaller in size and saved as jpeg, png or gif format. Programs such as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop can be used to reduce the size of your photos.

Another requirement to add images on KeyIngredient.com is to have Flash installed on your computer. The Adobe Flash Player is a free download, available at: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If posting a photo published on the internet to www.keyingredient.com, please be sure to include the original source name and URL. It is the responsibility of our members to make sure that they do not post content that violates the copyrights of others.