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Why isn't the touchscreen responding to my touch?

The first possible solution is a quick reboot of your Recipe Reader. If you turn the Recipe Reader over on its back side you will see a Recipe Reader label with a picture of an orange pot on it. It will have a combination of 2 letters on it, of which will either be UL or CE. Depending on which you see, please follow the instructions accordingly.

Make sure the
Recipe Reader is not connected to your computer while rebooting.

If UL is listed, hold the gray manual power button down until you hear it beep (about 2-3 seconds). Then press the gray power button again to power it back on.

If CE is listed, simply click the gray power button to power off the
Recipe Reader (it will not beep). Then click the gray power button again to power it back on.

After powering on the
Recipe Reader, you should see a "Loading" bar in the middle of your screen until it loads to the main cookbook menu (loading takes about 30-40 seconds). If CE is listed, try to navigate to the “Options” page by pressing the “More” button and the “Options” button. On the “Options” page, press the “Re-Calibrate Screen” button, then tap the cross marks with your fingertip as prompted.

If the 

Recipe Reader

 screen is still unresponsive, please perform an overnight Reset. Resetting the 

Recipe Reader

 entails draining the charge completely on the 

Recipe Reader


battery. To do this, leave the 

Recipe Reader 

powered ON and disconnected from your AC adapter and USB cord overnight. In the morning, reconnect the 

Recipe Reader

 to your “Channel Well Technology” AC adapter.

If UL was listed on the back of your
Recipe Reader, the Recipe Reader should beep and load automatically when reconnected to the AC adapter. If CE was listed, press the gray manual power button when reconnected to your AC adapter to power it on. Hopefully once powered on it will load to the main cookbook menu and the touchscreen will be responsive.

If the 
Recipe Reader will not respond to your touch after performing the overnight Reset, please contact Customer Service at help@keyingredient.com or via our Live Help service for additional instructions.